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Summer term 2021/22 design task

For summer semester, we suggest for our English-speaking students following design studio assignments: Health centre (the same topic as our Slovak students), or theme of one of the current international student competitions: ProHolz, Velux, Saint-Gobain...

Winter term 2021/22 design task

For the winter semester 2021/22, the assignment of our English-language studio is the theme of the international student competition "Architecture Student Contest": project of revitalization of the area next to the Warszawa Wschodnia train station by combining housing and opportunities for social activities. The task has two parts: to create a center for meetings and entertainment on the site of the old factory building (in accordance with the heritage protection limits) and to design student housing in the new residential area.

Details of the task are here (PDF)...

Presentation of the task and site - video

This is a framework theme common to all students of the studio. Its scope will vary for individual design-studio subjects, for AN-VII we will have smaller demands than in AT-III and in urban AT-I we will expand the task area.  

Video about the site - interactive 360° View

What to expect in our Green Design Studio?

In previous semester, we offered two tasks: HYBRID (new generation multifunctional building: housing /co-housing, work(ing) /co-working /home-working, reviving the neighorbood (services, culture), "smart" approaches, response to the climate change, focus on sustainability, efficiency, adaptability (3L: long life, low energy, loose fit), well-being on the brownfields in the north-east of Bratislava) and CAMPUS STU BRATISLAVA - task of the international architectural student competition Inspirelli Awards (goal was to obtain ideas for a representative center of our University. It should include the STU innovative science center, educational, social, multi-purpose and leisure spaces such as interiors, exteriors and part of the rector's workplaces, creating conditions for cooperation of the professionals and academic environment, and to serve as an important city space for communication with public)...


In winter term 2020/21 the task was the revitalization of the old factory club "Vernost" (new structure and/or reconstruction) at the former "Dynamit Nobel" factory in Bratislava. Assignment for the summer term 2019/2020 was the Metropolitan Innovation Center: revitalization of the urban block Bratislava-Bazová (mix of new buildings and reconstruction of old industrial halls). In winter term 2019/20 our erasmus students prepared designs for the Saint-Gobain MultiComfort Student Contest. Its task was Sustainable Development Park - revitalisation (school, housing, ...) of a brownfield area in Paris Saint-Denis.

You can see the presentations of the designs of our ERASMUS students from the previous two years (Silke DeGreef, Damien Nardeux, Mafalda Marques Melancia, Diogo Maia Nunes, Violette Feutry, Arnaud Delvit, Ana Rita Paes, Olga Domalewska, Oleksii Zolochevskyi, Alexis Juan Santiago, Lucil Martins, Silvia Viccari) in our Gallery...

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: Henrich Pifko ...

Who we are

In our design studio we focus on sustainability, quality of the indoor environment, ease of operation and adaptability - the most current topics of the contemporary architecture. Our approach is methodological, not typological, We assume the design of buildings with different functional content and different scope (from a small family house to a large area or even an urban complex), combining the quality of the architectural concept with the environmentally friendly design. The adaptability of the architecture is of particular interest to us in terms of optimizing the life cycle of a building. We also  focus on the material side of architecture, the integration of the renewable energy sources and the optimization of designs in terms of the concept of "green", "blue" or "smart" buildings.

Professors in the Studio:

Henrich Pifko (, AA SKA),
Klára Macháčová,
Lorant Krajcsovics

If it is possible, we consult together (sometimes inviting our PhD students as assistants), and we try to keep together Slovak and English-speaking students too, supporting exchange of ideas, experience, approaches. 

ERASMUS students in our "English" design studio:

WT 2021/22:

... ???... we are waiting for you ;-)

ST 2020/21:

Lucil Martins
Silvia Viccari

Mohammad Ali Rammazani (English Study)
Madhu Sain (English Study)

WT 2020/21:

Oleksii Zolochevskyi
Alexis Juan Santiago

Madhu Sain (English Study)

ST 2019/2020:

Mafalda Marques Melancia 
Diogo Maia Nunes 
Violette Feutry 
Arnaud Delvit 
Ana Rita Paes 
Olga Domalewska 

WT 2019/20:

Silke DeGreef 
Damien Nardeux