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Contemporary world is transformed by digital shift, fundamentally changing our living environment. The new phenomenon in the core of this change are digital data - the pervasive, constantly evolving cloud of information, we are always connected to.

The studio Data[LAB] is a platform focused on the investigating the data role in architectural design and thinking. Its aim is to research and educate the contemporary avant-garde architectural approaches with application of computational technologies. The studio offers development of theoretical, conceptual and practical skills for creating new, convincing architecture. The students' preparation for new challenges of their future profession is crucial for the studio. The aim is to augment their opportunities to be successful in the data driven age.





doc. Mgr. art. Martin Uhrík, PhD.


Ing. arch. MArch. Roman Hajtmanek, PhD.


Brief Summer Semester 2022:

Fifth Room 2030

Digital shift rapidly transforms different aspects of life, including mobility. Leading automotive companies made first steps towards fully electric transportation and invests funds to autonomous cars. The industry expects deployment of electic, self-driven cars in the next years. In spite of these changes, the city infrastructure in still not prepared. Autonomous e-mobility offers multiple ways of architectural research.

Semestral work will be based on the definition of young family scenario in the year 2030 – parents from generation Z/Alpha, two children and pet. Tracking of individual daily activities of these persons and their intersections. These activities will be the starting point for product design and habitation spaces.

Problematics of daily comuting in larger cities requires significant time interval. Transport vehicle could be then understand not only as anonymous space for temporary stay, but as individual, customized mobile space for various activities. Autonomous vehicle with battery and computer could become as personal controlling and computational centrum with additional modules, fifth room, which is possible to plug-in to object of house or work.

The aim is to design space for living and integrate it with the concept of 5th room. The topic focuses on modular habitation space with pluggable autonomous vehicle of level 4. The outcome should be experimental family house, or similar form of living, which depicts living of the future, connected with autonomous transport and mixing of virtual and physical world.

Source: UN Studio – Möbius House


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