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Výzva na ponuku projektov a esejí na East Centric Architecture Triennale - podrobnosti viď nižšie resp.
Open call regulations:
Essay contest regulations:

East Centric Architecture Triennale - Open call for projects and essay contest

Arhitext design Foundation announces that since the 22nd of January 2013 East Centric Architecture Triennale, Trans(ap)parencies 2013 is officially announced through the opening of two of its major components: open call for projects and essay contest.

East Centric Architecture Triennale 2013, with the Trans(ap)parencies theme, is an event dedicated to East and Central European architecture and critique, which will be organized in Romania, between 10-27 of October 2013. The central components of the Triennale are Trans(ap)parencies Exhibition (critical demarche), the essay contest (critical discourses) and East Centric Arhitext Awards (practical architectural demarche and discourse). The Triennale is the place to meet, debate and reflect for the practitioners, critics, students and public at large.

We invite you to participate in the open call for the selection of the projects to be present in the Trans(ap)parencies Thematic Exhibition. This open call responds to the constant need to identify the most recent examples of quality architecture. Targeting both emerging offices and well-established practitioners, it is a public request which gives the opportunity to outline a complete, and thus more relevant image of the architecture built in the last 5 years in Central and Eastern Europe. This request is also open to experiment and innovation.

We also encourage you to participate in theessay contest that we organize in order to promote and encourage the critical discourse on architecture in Central and Eastern Europe.
The contest gives the participants the opportunity to approach critically the contemporary architectural phenomenon in this region. By means of essays, the persons concerned are able to set out, detail and argue their own vision on the architecture of one country, of more countries or of the entire region of Central and Eastern Europe and/or to make a critical presentation of significant projects built in the 21st century.  The participants can be students, architecture or art critics, teachers, philosophers, theorists, sociologists or architects, urban planners, designers with a propensity for theory etc., who are able to draft a critical essay on the architecture of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. There are no restrictions related to age, professional training or nationality.

Open call regulations can be found at:

Essay contest regulations can be found at:

We would really appreciate if you could spread the word to every association, university or magazine in Slovakia that you may consider appropriate. Organiser: Arhitext design Foundation