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Call for papers / Critical Discourses Essay Contest

We have extended the entry deadline for the Critical Discourses essay contest within the 2016 East Centric Architecture Triennale. We have also announced the prizes of the module in total amount of 3500 euros. The new deadline to send the registration form is March, 14th.
In 2016, the theme of the East Centric Architecture Triennale is Drifting. The theme was chosen after several discussions and consultations between the curator of the central exhibition, the poet, essayist and philosopher Bogdan Ghiu, the curatorial board and the team of consultants, made up of prominent figures from the field of architecture as well as Romanian and international cultural life. Further details are available on the site of the triennale:


The essay contest tries to stimulate and promote the critical discourse on architecture as a fundamental necessity, of quality architecture, as well as of communication and dialogue with the general public. The contest aims to discover ideas and opinion makers, to outline original and challenging concepts, and also to promote examples of quality architecture.

The contest gives the participants the opportunity to approach critically the contemporary architectural phenomenon in Central and Eastern Europe. By means of essays, the persons concerned are able to set out, detail and argue their own vision on the architecture of one country, of more countries or of the entire region of Central and Eastern Europe and / or to make a critical presentation of significant projects built in the 21st century.

The nominated essays will be presented by their authors at the Triennale, thus enabling them to expose and uphold their ideas at the first architecture Triennale in Central and Eastern Europe and to interact with culture professionals, architects, architecture critics etc. who have come to attend the event.

The participants can be students, architecture or art critics, teachers, philosophers, theorists, sociologists or architects, urban planners, designers with a propensity for theory etc., who are able to draft a critical essay on the architecture of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (one country, more countries or the entire region). There are no restrictions related to age, professional training or nationality.

The participants must be available to attend the East Centric 2016 Architecture Triennale on 1st and 2nd October 2016 in order to present their essays, in case they are nominated.