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Doctoral programme in Architecture - Sustainability, Conservation and Technology - 2011 / 2012 (School of Architecture, University of Minho (EAUM), Guimarães, Portugal ); Course Director: Pedro Bandeira; Steering Committee: Pedro Bandeira, Paulo J. S. Cruz and Vincenzo Riso; Coordinator of the Construction and Technology field of study: Paulo J. S. Cruz ; Coordination of the Advanced Seminar of Knowledge: Paulo J. S. Cruz, Vincenzo Riso and Ana Luísa Rodrigues; Degree awarded: Doctor ; Qualification field of study: Architecture - Construction and Technology; Duration: 6 semesters;Credits: 180 ECTS...Application Deadline: 1st phase: May 16 to June 30, 2nd phase: August 01 to September 1.
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