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Brief description
The goals of Summer school are to train ability for identification of cultural heritage values there where they donot idetified, presentied or deciared till,
• to type the individual values of cultural heritage into the generic groups,
• the handyness of primary (basic) documentation of historic buildings, artistic and values

The summary of school activities
• Brief excursion throught the history of architecture, throught the linked visual and decorative arts - the presentation and charaktersation of locality of Banska Stiavnica in the time space links in the frame of general history of architecture and arts.
• Detailed description and charakteristic of various type of architectural and natural heritage and monuments:
- sacral architecture
- ancient urban coplexies
- native architecture
- archeological troves and areas
- the monuments of technology, science and hand work
- castels and mannor houses with gardens
• The preservation of nature and landscape
- the cultural paysage
- protected natural areas and natural signeleness
• The basic principles of heritage preservation and restauration
• The bases of historic objects documentation (drawing, measuring, fotodocumentating) and presentations

Educational Activities
• education in the area of monument restoration and cultural heritage preservation in an authentic historic environment;
- study of cultural, technical and economic background of the historic town restoration;
- learning about historic building materials, technologies, constructions, and traditional use and maintenance of buildings;
• preparation work on seminar projects, studio drawings and thesis;
• scientific and research work focused on assessment, documentation and management of a communal monument fund;
• information, advisory and educational activities for those who are involved in the process of monument restoration;
• collaboration with Slovak and partner universities and institutions form abroad.

Commercial Activities
• seminars, workshops, conferences, exhibitions and other professional events;
• organisation of special seminars and profiled excursions with the topic
- the medieval wall painting in the Slovakia (the riches collections of medieval frescos in Europe northly of Alpes)
- the architecture of rennaisance in the heart of Europe (burgeous houses, palaces, villas, bellfries, fortifications, e.g. in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary).
- curiosities of world science and technique in the Slovakia (ingeneering works on the List UNESCO, Magna Via-famous postal road.
- the first suspension roof in the world in Banska Bystrica
• teaching of selected subjects related to monument conservation;
• educational and informative stays (e.g. “Summer with Monuments”);
• reader’s lectures use and preservation of cultural heritage
• rent of its facilities for organizing of occasional professional events (5 seminary rooms, 200 m2),
• courses of drawing and exhibition of student works;
• occasional cultural and social events.