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Centre for Sustainable and Efficient Architecture - "Architecture 2020" (hereinafter A2k20) is a research and training at the Faculty of Architecture SUT. It is a specialized department of the Faculty, which conducts research and training activities in the field of architectural design meeting the criteria of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2010/31/EU for new constructions after 2020, with emphasis on sustainability and respect for the environment. A2k20 connects researchers from different Institutes (and eventually from other faculties and institutions) in cooperation with iEPD (Institute for Passive Houses), SKGBC (Slovak Green Building Council), ArTUR (Architecture for Sustainable Development) and other professional organizations.

Basic tasks of A2k20 are:

  • Research in the design of energy-efficient architecture (i.e. buildings meeting the criteria of Directive 2010/31/EU) with emphasis on sustainability and respect for the environment, in cooperation with national and foreign organizations, university departments, as well as different like-minded institutions abroad;
  • Cooperation with the legislative provisions relating to major research work, the balance between national and European standards and other legislative provisions, as well as comments relevant legislation, and participation in creating legislative provisions affecting architectural and urban environment in coordination with European and national institutions;
  • Development and implementation of training courses for the design of energy-efficient and sustainable environment in cooperation with national and foreign organizations;    
  • Encouragement of integration of the principles of energy-efficient design and sustainable architecture in university curricula at all levels - bachelor, master and doctoral;
  • Organization of training courses for students and professionals involved in the creation of the environment (primarily for architects and building engineers), that are focused on understanding the principles of energy-efficient, sustainable and environment-friendly architecture;
  • Enforcement of the principle that energy-efficient, sustainable and environment-friendly architecture belongs to the evaluation criteria of expert committees;
  • Issuing professional publications in which research results are published (and its implementation in teaching), positive examples from practice or actual knowledge of the scope A2k20;
  • Expertise related to the application of research results into practice A2k20;
  • Increasing knowledge potential in the design of energy-efficient, sustainable and environment-friendly architecture at universities and research institutions by organizing teaching, seminars, workshops, courses , etc. . ;
  • Support the mobility of students and academic and teaching staff ;
  • Cooperation with professional organizations , primarily with the Slovak Chamber of Architects and the Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers ( hereinafter referred to as SKA and SKSI ) ;
  • Publishing literature and
  • other activities consistent with the focus A2k20 .

We are open to co-operation on research / educational projects in above mentioned fields, if you are interested (or just need more information), don´t hesitate to contact us (e-mail see bellow)…

Accoc.prof. Ing.arch. Henrich Pifko, PhD
(director of A2k20)

Sorry, pages A2k20 are still under construction, more information will be added here later...