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Having enrolled in the bachelor’s study program Architecture and Urban Design, you will acquire the basic theoretical and practical background necessary for the profession of an architect and obtain the corresponding knowledge, skills, and competencies. Graduating from the Architecture and Urban Design Study Program will provide you with the diploma that enables you to apply for further architectural studies and you will be entitled to cooperate on architectural and urban design projects under supervision in architecture studios in Europe and beyond. This certainly qualifies you to study architecture and/or urban planning at the Master's degree level at the FAD STU as well as in related study programs at other European universities.

The essence of the study is project-based learning performed in Design Studios, where students apply the knowledge gained in subjects such as Basics of Structures and Technology, History of Architecture, Typology, Urban Design, Restoration of Monuments and Historical Sites, Design Ecology and Sustainability, Interior Design and Universal Design. To help the students develop their sense of aesthetics and artistic expression as well as make them prepared for architectural practice, this program incorporates courses in arts (drawing and 3D clay modeling) and lessons in diverse CAD and BIM software applications.

The first three years of study are composed of compulsory subjects. However, in the fourth year, you may choose from nine topic-based modules with Design Studios, or you can take advantage of the study-exchange and study abroad under the Erasmus+ exchange mobility programs. FAD benefits from partnership agreements with over fifty European universities. The work on the final Bachelor thesis is accompanied by a theoretical seminar and the outcome is an architectural or urban design. In your Bachelor’s work, you will demonstrate the ability to write project documentation on all stages of the design process – from preliminary plans and schemes up to the implementation projects.

Deadlines for application
31 May 2022

Tuition Fees
Students studying in the English language: 3,500 € per year